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One Day At A Time

So I was up all night last night, mostly because I slept all day the day before… so naturally I wasn’t sleepy, unfortunately I wasn’t full of energy. But I did stumble upon this link of leg toning exercises. You’d think that having to lug around all this extra weight would give me wicked leg muscles, I guess that’s not how it works.


But I can tell you what does work, this workout! I felt it immediately as I started working out, I even got a bit light-headed and had to take a break. I only did 10 reps of each thing and I only did 1 set. I’m gonna build my way up. The last time I started working out I pulled a muscle in my back and was out-of-commission for nearly a year. That sucked, so I’m taking it slow, building my strength up day by day and hopefully over the long haul I”ll se some great results.


Try it!