Sickies & Under the Weather

Well it’s been a while since I’ve posted, and it’s all due to a terrible sinus cold that I caught from my hubby, and we have no clue where he got that from!

It started out as a two day sinus cold, then I broke out into a two day fever (probably one of the worst I’ve experienced in several years), then it’s just down to congestion and tiny little ear aches, plus inflamed lymph nodes in my neck, and a dry cough, plus I’ve spot a ton of little red bumps on my stomach and under my chest… I am concerned about the red bumps, they’re not sores, kinda like little bites, but they’re not really itchy. I don’t know, you’d think I would have gone to the Doctor already, but sharing the car means he’s gone by 6:30am and not home until after 6pm, and I’ve been so out of it, just laying in bed all day.


Well not today! I finally got the energy to get out of bed and clean up around the apartment. I (finally) tackled the mess of my desk after graduation and got all the trash thrown away and everything else shoved into a pink tub. It’s a terrible existence to be taught never to throw anything away!! My closest it full of tubs full of things that I barely even remember, I actually got around  to working on my graduation thank you notes, although they aren’t coming out as well as I hoped, I’m using a heat embossing tool for the first time!


Needless to say, when baby gets home from work we’re going grocery shopping and I’m getting the last couple of ingredients to make that Apple Chutney 🙂 can’t wait!!


About janelleelizabeth

I'm a graphic designer. Just trying to get a hold of the blogging world and setting up templates for clients.

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