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Welp, I tried my hand at the black bean recipe, but I let them sit in the water for two days and they started sprouting :/
I got sick and unmotivated and forgot about them sitting on my kitchen counter… good thing I only used half of what I bought, so maybe tomorrow I’ll brave the crock pot again and try my hand and I will be successful!!


Check Out This Recipe – The Modern Home Kitchen

Homemade Gnocchi! You mean I don’t have to go to Olive Garden to get their delious gnocchi soup, I can easily make this at home? Heck yes! I would have never even thought to try to make this at home, I’m so excited! And hopefully soon this desert will cool down and it will be perfect to make in a soup for Fall/Winter.

Thanks, The Modern Home Kitchen, for posting this on your blog. Your seafood recipes and the gnocchi one are awesome! I’m the type of home-cooker who stays away from seafood unless it’s shrimp or salmon. I look forward to trying some of these dishes soon 🙂