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Bare With Me – Plus Salsa Recipe! :)

So I’m new to the whole blogging thing, if you can’t tell already, I don’t know how many posts are too many posts, if each post should have a picture or maybe a funny video… this is my blog so I can do it the way I want, right? Well I started this blog (and two others: JanelleElizabeth, my blog about design, life & love and all the prettier things and inspirations; and YepIJustSaidThat, my blog about rants and raves and funny things that are not appropriate for my other blogs) because ppl say I post too much on Facebook, HELLO you can change your preferences or unfollow me, gosh, now ppl are regulating how much I post, rude.

Anyways, if you like what I have to say and want to see what else interests me, check out my other blogs, I’ll try to keep them updated as much as possible and I’ll try to be the best little blogger ever.
Mean while, in my previous post I mentioned I had some black bean and corn salsa and I had to find a recipe, this first one from sounded so delicious with it’s cilantro and tomatoes and avacadoes! YUMMY! But David doesn’t like avacados, so I found another 15-min salsa recipe from which is just your basic, simple fast recipe. If you try one of them out let me know, I will be trying out the first one soon!




Blacks Beans are a Hit

Now all I need is a crock pot so I can actually start making these delicious recipes.Here’s one more I am dying to try! Spicy & Citrusy Black Beans (didn’t know “citrusy” was a word!).

delicious black beans from


Thanks to my first and new followers, I’m glad to know that others are digging the black beans too!
I”ll get a crock pot and try ’em out to share with you guys 🙂


Black Bean Salad

Black Bean Salad – this reminds me of my sister, she loves salads and bell peppers. And I love her.
I am planning on going vegetarian/vegan, but I’m not sure I can commit 100% (hey! I love my cheese and my ice cream!). But I’m planing to substitute black beans and nuts for my protein intake instead of meats and dairy products.

Since its (almost) fall, nuts are in season and I do love me some nuts! haha.