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The Downs and Ups – Making the Best With What I Got

Well, this is my first “downer” post, I was so sleepy this morning when David left for work that I decided to just stay in bed and didn’t get up until 11:45!!! Then my parents called and wanted to grab lunch before we start labeling and mailing off my sister’s engagement party announcements. So no leg toning for me this morning :/ I feel even worse because before I went to bed I had decided to just do 5 reps of each instead of the 10 I started to do, even when the workout calls for 15.

I am def feeling the workout in my legs, and since we live on the third floor going up and down those stairs I can really feel it! The only reason I don’t feel so bad about huffing and puffing by the time I walk through my door is even my skinny friends do the same thing, I just take a couple extra mins to catch my breath! I was hoping it’d be a good work out for the last couple of months, but it’s just a pain in the butt!

So tomorrow I’ll make up for missing today and do the full 15 reps of each work out.

However, I was a very good girl and didn’t overeat at dinner yesterday and I had tea instead of soda. PLUS!! I got to order some black bean and corn salsa! That made my night.

Now just to remember that I don’t like eating out and even when I’m super tired I should try to make a meal for us, too expensive and the food wasn’t that great.

And one last thing, I got another graduation check in the mail today from my grandma! Guess who’s going to the store to by her very own crock pot??? THIS GIRL! 🙂

Happy Saturday!



One Day At A Time

So I was up all night last night, mostly because I slept all day the day before… so naturally I wasn’t sleepy, unfortunately I wasn’t full of energy. But I did stumble upon this link of leg toning exercises. You’d think that having to lug around all this extra weight would give me wicked leg muscles, I guess that’s not how it works.


But I can tell you what does work, this workout! I felt it immediately as I started working out, I even got a bit light-headed and had to take a break. I only did 10 reps of each thing and I only did 1 set. I’m gonna build my way up. The last time I started working out I pulled a muscle in my back and was out-of-commission for nearly a year. That sucked, so I’m taking it slow, building my strength up day by day and hopefully over the long haul I”ll se some great results.


Try it!